Anthony Lo Sasso

Anthony T. Lo Sasso, PhD, is Professor and Driehaus Fellow in the Economics Department at DePaul University in Chicago. Dr. Lo Sasso is an economist whose research spans several dimensions of health and labor economics, health policy, and health services and outcomes research. He is keenly interested in how government policies affect private sector decisions.

Dr. Lo Sasso’s research has explored the impact of the Children’s Health Insurance Program on insurance coverage and the extent to which public coverage substituted for private insurance coverage; how community rating provisions in health insurance markets affect health insurance coverage; and the amount of reclassification risk protection small group health insurance affords small businesses. An area of particular interest for Dr. Lo Sasso is the effects of health insurance benefit design on health care utilization and health outcomes. This work includes a federally-funded study examining so-called narrow network insurance plans, and ongoing work examining the effects of high deductible health insurance on health care use. Additionally, Dr. Lo Sasso is studying workers’ compensation and in particular the effects of alternative workers’ compensation arrangements.

With training in labor and health economics and extensive experience studying the effects of insurance in both the private and public sectors, Dr. Lo Sasso is a nationally recognized leader in the field. Tony was appointed to the visiting fellow position in 2017.