The Expanding Use of Presumption in Workers Compensation: Grand Bargain at Risk?

A RIMS-Sedgwick joint webinar

A Closer Look at the COVID Presumption Laws and the Lasting Impact They’ll Have on Workers’ Comp

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Telemedicine in the Age of the Pandemic

By Chris Mandel

Expanded Use of Presumption and the Implications for the “Grand Bargain”

Part 2 in the series from Sedgwick Institute

Workers' compensation presumption laws challenge employers

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A Study on Expanded Use of 'Presumption'

By Chris Mandel and David Langham

Claims and Effective Risk Management

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Sedgwick Institute Releases New Book

A look to the future of the workers’ compensation system

Presumption of WC Claim Compensability in the Age of COVID

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Whitepaper: American workers' compensation

A study in disparities and the expanded use of presumption

Liability Litigation Trends and Practices

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Is COVID-19 a Black Swan Event? Let’s Do the Math

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