Future of Risk Conference

WC 2030: Threats & Opportunities for WC Systems - April 2, 2020

Chris Mandel along with Dr. Richard Victor, CEO WCRI (retired) will discuss Workers’ Compensation 2030: Threats & Opportunities for Workers’ Compensation Systems in Chicago.

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April 2, 2020, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Innovation and Risk – WC 2030: Threats and Opportunities for Workers Compensation Systems

Speakers :

Chris MandelSVP, Strategic Solutions and DirectorSedgwick Institute

Richard Victor Sr. FellowSedgwick Institute, founder and retired CEO, WCRI

Workers compensation has been an essential element of our social safety net for more than 100 years. It has been a dynamic system that has evolved to keep up with changes in the economy, medical science, social values, and other things that affect the way the system works. This session, based on the Dr. Victor’s recently published book (by the Sedgwick Institute), Scenarios for the 2030: Threats and Opportunties for Worker’s Compensation Systems, will be a discussion with senior risk leaders about the driving themes and scenarios that could define the future of work comp. It will focus on three sets of key forces affecting the work comp system including: those that challenge current WC systems fundamentals; those that frame the new context for the stakeholders; and those that impair the historical governmental change process that will significantly impact system effectiveness.

Attendees will learn which forces produced large, possibly unsustainable increases in work comp costs; understand the implications of employers possibly seeking painful cuts to work comp benefits; and review incremental changes to work comp system features that may not be enough to prevent its failure.