Future of Risk Conference

Effective Risk Management in a Disruptive World - April 2, 2020

Chris Mandel will lead the Institute‚Äôs Future of Risk Conference in Chicago, April 2, 2020. Joining Chris will be Ward Ching, MD, Aon, Brad Waldron, VP Risk Management, Caesars Entertainment, and Bob Bowman, Sr. Director, Risk Management The Wendy’s Company.

Visit the website for more information – https://events.theinstitutes.org/conference/2020for/2020/agenda

Digital Disruption – Effective Risk Management in a Disruptive World – April 2, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Whether its business model, economic, strategy related, or from any number of other perspectives, disruptive forces raise the bar for risk professionals by bringing new and often unforeseeable challenges of protecting the downside and leveraging risks for value creation. With the singular focus of successfully executing your organization’s mission, successful risk management should drive performance outcomes. While insurance remains part of the arsenal used to mitigate risk, progressive risk managers know that many of the most significant and destructive exposures come from uninsurable strategic and operational risks.

As the risk profiles of organizations morph regularly into new shapes and sizes, risk leaders must bring to the table solutions that respond effectively to these changes. This session will review the nature and impacts of disruptive changes and how successful risk leaders are responding with new and often technology-based solutions. Learn how to find these new solutions and earn a seat at the table from where organizational leaders look for help in delivering on their individual and collective objectives. Come away with a better understanding of how to monitor, and get ahead, of the wide range of existing and emerging exposures that make managing risk well, both increasingly challenging and exciting.