Bill Minick

Founder and Chairman of PartnerSource

Bill MinickAt Sedgwick Institute Live, Chris Mandel profiles influential thought leaders who make a difference and whose interests lie in the risk and insurance world. In this podcast Chris speaks with Bill Minick, Founder and Chairman of PartnerSource, a Dallas Texas based provider of services for Texas injury benefit programs (those who administer employee injuries under ERISA) now in its 25th year. He is also an innovative leader who helped found the Association of Responsible Alternatives to Worker’s Compensation (ARAWC) and helped craft the strategy behind the just launched QCARE designation (Quality Compensation Alternative for Recovering Employees).

Chris and Bill discuss Bill’s background and the origins of PartnerSource and help listeners understand what Texas injury benefit programs are all about, how it works and why employers choose to administer employee injury exposures in this alternative fashion. They also discuss the past, present and future of this exposure in Texas and the implications for change and innovation, including the just launched QCARE program, for taking the best care of injured workers and treating workplace injury with the appropriate priority it deserves.